How to Bond Acrylic?

Bonding Acrylic is a key process in acrylic processing, it’s important to know and understand the best method to glue Acrylics together for long-lasting results. The process of bonding acrylic is different than the process of bonding other substances, such as paper or wood. Whether you’re looking glue acrylic plastic for your next project or simply repair a break in your acrylic plastic? In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about bonding acrylic sheets together and bonding Acrylic to other materials, such as wood and metal.

best Glue for bonding acrylic to acrylic

Not every glue is effective for Acrylic, if you want to glue acrylic to another kind of plastic, you will use another type of glue when you want to glue two regular acrylic sheets together. Choosing the right glue for your acrylic project is crucial or it will ruin your project. two best types of glue as below:

Weld-On 4

Acrylic Cement.

Both of these glues are solvents, that will soften the surface slightly and welding the two acrylic parts together. This creates a really strong bond.


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How to bond acrylic to acrylic?

  1. put on gloves and goggles, Set Up Your Workspace
  2. Prepare The Acrylic pieces
  3. Smooth the edges of the acrylic by sanding if needed.
  4. Clean the acrylic with isopropyl alcohol that you are going to glue
  5. Apply The Glue to the edges you want to bond, Make sure that the glue flows over the entire length over the acrylic sheet.
  6. Hold your glue connection in place while it cures with the help of wooden blocks.
  7. Use a square hook when positioning with a right-angle connection.
  8. take around 10-15 minutes to set initially. 
  9. take 24-48 hours to cure to full-strength.

Steps for Bonding Acrylic to wood

When you need to glue an acrylic sheet to wood, you must take a different approach. You can use both double-sided tape and High Tack adhesive for extra strength. This adhesive offers instant tack without the risk of staining.

  1. Prepare The Acrylic sheet and wood
  2. Remove the protective film on the side of the sheet that you want to glue.
  3. Clean that area of the acrylic sheet using an anti-static cleaner.
  4. Clean the wood with isopropyl alcohol that you are going to glue
  5. Apply the adhesive and stick the sheet to wood on the surface to be glued
  6. Apply pressure to the sheet.
  7. The adhesive is fully cured after 24 hours.
  8. remove the protective foil on the front

Bonding acrylic to metal

use High Tack Premium H980 adhesive for bonding acrylic to metal. This adhesive is suitable for almost all surfaces, from stone and concrete to insulation boards, plasterboard, and ceramics. Follow the same steps above for bonding Acrylic to wood.

In Summary

Bonding Acrylic is easy!contact us if you still have questions on how to bonding Acrylic. KUSLA provide plastic bonding service for you and we also provide acrylic sheets , acrylic rodsacrylic tubes.