Everything You Need To Know About Acrylic Mirror

What is an acrylic mirror?

Acrylic mirror refers to the extruded acrylic sheet after vacuum aluminum plating when it achieves optical grade. Plastic mirrors instead of glass material mirror have the advantages  that lightweight, not easy to break, convenient for molding processing, easy coloring and others, acrylic mirror sheet commonly used thickness: of 0.6 mm-6 mm, conventional specifications: 1220*1830MM and 1220*2440MM,

Acrylic Mirror Sheet

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Acrylic mirror sheet Mirrored acrylic is continuously processed acrylic sheet and exhibits high strength and stiffness. Custom cuts and cut-to-size pieces. Could be machined into fabricated parts. Stocked materials typically…

What is the classification of acrylic mirrors?

According to the different uses of the product, with different coating methods, acrylic mirrors could be classified as single-sided mirrors, double-sided mirrors, two-way mirrors, etc.

According to the different colors of the sheet substrate, Acrylic mirror can be made into lots of colors such as brown, silver, gold, coffee lens and so on, the most popular colors at present are silver, gold, bronze, coffee and gray.

What is single-sided acrylic mirror?

Single-sided mirror generally uses vacuum coating to form a layer of mirror metal film (general material is aluminum) above the transparent acrylic sheet surface, then covered with a layer of protective paint film to protect the mirror.

So, the composition structure of the single-sided mirror is a transparent acrylic sheet + mirror metal film + protective back paint. The coated metal film of single-sided mirror is completely opaque, irradiation on the single-sided mirror, the light will be reflected completely. So, the transmittance of the sheet and the reflectivity of the mirror metal film is the decisive factor of the mirror effect.

The transparency of acrylic sheets can reach more than 93%, and the reflectivity of aluminum mirror film can reach 93%~95%, one-way mirror can also be made into convex mirrors and concave mirrors. Due to the acrylic sheet having better transparency and coloring, you can use a variety of colors of transparent acrylic sheets, made into a variety of colors of acrylic mirrors, to meet all aspects of the design and application needs.

What is double-sided acrylic mirror?

Double-sided mirror means both sides are mirrors. there are mainly two kinds of double-sided mirrors: face-mounted double-sided mirrors and one-piece double-sided mirrors. It’s a good idea to stick a double-sided mirror, which is to put two single-sided mirrors back-to-back and stick them together with adhesive. But the double-sided mirror made in this way is generally thick, and the adhesive requirements are strict, a long-time use may cause the aging of the adhesive and lead to the separation of the two mirrors that affect the use.

The one-piece double-sided mirror is made of transparent acrylic sheet, plated with a layer of opaque mirror metal film, and then covered with a layer of transparent polymer protective film. So, the composition structure of the double-sided mirror is a transparent acrylic sheet + mirror metal film + transparent polymer protective film.

What is an acrylic two-way mirror?

Two-way mirrors, also known as translucent mirrors, see-through mirror. It refers to that on transparent acrylic sheet surface, vacuum coating on a layer of translucent mirror metal film, and then coated with a layer of transparent polymer protective film.

The polymer protective film not only protects the mirror metal film from damage but also ensures the permeability of the mirror. So, the composition structure of the Two-way mirror is transparent acrylic sheet + See-through mirror metal film + transparent polymer protective film.

Two-way mirror is a special mirror that can pass through half of the light and reflect the other half. it is coated with a spectroscopic film, which allows some wavelengths of light to pass through and some wavelengths of light to reflect. Generally, there are three colors of light, RGB, one reflecting and two projecting, which can be changed according to technical requirements.

For example, when there is light on the back of the mirror, we can see the light on the back or the objects placed on the back; when there is no light on the back, it is just an ordinary mirror, and we can clearly see ourselves on the mirror and the things behind us.

For example, if you shine a torch on a Two-way mirror with a transmittance of 20 percent, only 20 percent of the light will pass through the half lens, and 80 percent of the light will be reflected back.

What are the advantages of acrylic mirrors?

  • High transparency. With chemical stability, weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy to fabricate, perfect appearance, Acrylic is widely used in construction, furniture, bathroom and other industries.
  • Durable, not easy to break. Acrylic mirror customization is more durable than ordinary glass products, and when it falls from high is not easy to break. It does not consume too much material in the production process, and the output of acrylic mirrors is customized, easy to maintain and cost-effective.
  • Good antioxidant performance. Customized acrylic mirror has a strong antioxidant ability, whether the sun and rain or wind and rain, will not change the color and oxidation, can choose different colors according to your needs, is easy to process, easy to form at high temperatures.
  • Strong resistance and lightweight. Acrylic mirror is more suitable for light transmission, clear effect, easy to clean, conducive to dust, their impact resistance is also very good, and they can be broken without tiny pieces.

Acrylic mirror vs Glass mirror

1. Safer and more resilient than glass

Acrylic mirrors are 17 times stronger than glass, which means they can withstand much bigger impacts, such as popping, bumping, or bumping, well. Its strength makes acrylic mirrors ideal for use where safety is a priority or where the glass is likely to crack or shatter.

2. Acrylic mirror is a safe and lightweight substitute for glass mirror

It is not as rigid as glass and is prone to deformation when not mounted in a rigid frame or flat backing.

3. The acrylic mirror can be bent, while the glass must remain flat

Glass mirrors will provide perfect reflection, while some types of acrylic mirrors have lower reflection quality than others. Glass is more difficult to drill and risks chipping or breaking.

4. Acrylic is shatterproof

If you throw a large acrylic mirror over a short distance, the worst that can happen is that you will scratch the reflective surface – this is bound to happen over time anyway. Acrylic is shatterproof!

5. acrylic mirrors are lighter than glass

They are easy to install and install on their own, and easy to operate. When mounted correctly on the wall, the image is not distorted and you will get the same clear reflective surface as glass.

Is the acrylic mirror glass or plastic?

Acrylic Mirror is thermoplastic, belongs to organic material, and glass is an inorganic material.

Is acrylic mirror scratch-resistant?

Ordinary Acrylic Mirrors are not scratch-resistant, the hardness is about 1H, but Coating scratch-resistant treatment can be done on the acrylic substrate PMMA, and the maximum hardness can reach 6H. The scratch-resistant degree of the acrylic mirror is not completely determined by the material but mainly depends on the coating film layer. The film layer is like the body armor on the mirror surface, which can reduce the degree of damage caused by external impact on the mirrors

Surface Treatment Options for Acrylic Mirrors?

  • Anti-fog coating – This one is critical, especially when it comes to mirrors designed for bathrooms, it helps in preventing the mirrors from fogging irrespective of the level of possible fog around.
  • Anti-glare coating -It is a common surface treatment option for acrylic mirrors.
  • Anti-scratch coating – It is one of the popular surface treatment options for this type of mirror.
  • UV Coating – This is an essential surface treatment for acrylic mirrors. It helps the mirror from yellowing that might result from the ultraviolet rays.

Where can you use Acrylic Mirror?

  • Bathroom – Acrylic fog-free mirrors are commonly used in bathrooms.
  • Hallways – They are usually hanged on hallways, particularly if the hallways are somewhat narrow and dark.
  • Entryways – Acrylic mirrors are used in entryways and tend to give such spaces a classy look.
  • Kid’s rooms – Acrylic mirrors are also installed in kid’s rooms as a way of enhancing their excitement each time they see themselves on them.
  • Banks – Two-way acrylic mirrors can be used in banks to offer surveillance.
  • Showroom – You can as well use acrylic mirrors in showrooms as a way of enhancing the aesthetics of the space.
  • Living room – Acrylic mirrors can also be used in a wide range of living room designs.
  • Gym studios – You can also use acrylic mirrors in gymnasium halls.

Are Acrylic Mirrors Safe?

YES, The fact that acrylic mirrors do not shatter even when hit is a clear demonstration that they are safe. it’s also important to note that when acrylic mirror break; they fracture into large, dull-edged pieces.

How to cut acrylic mirror sheet

Check more detail in “How to cut acrylic sheet without cracking”

  • Laser cutting: Lasers can be used to cut acrylic lenses of any shape while minimizing material waste.
  • Circular saw machine tool straight cutting: generally used to achieve one or more sheets of acrylic mirror plate accurate straight cutting.
  • CNC engraving cutting: similar to laser cutting, can be cut in accordance with the input graphics,
  • Manual marking cutting: In the absence of equipment, only for the thickness of a single piece of acrylic mirror less than 3mm simple straight cutting, manual marking cutting can be used.

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