5 Advantages of Transparent Acrylic Sheet

People with different personalities will choose different acrylic products, and transparent acrylic sheet as raw material of parts is loved by most of the users. We know that transparent acrylic sheet has very good transmittance, but may do not know other advantages, in this article, we give you a detailed advantage of transparent acrylic sheets explanation to help you know better about acrylic material.

What is Acrylic Sheet?

Acrylic, also known as PMMA or plexiglass, is a transparent thermoplastic. It is most commonly found in sheet stock format, though other shapes such as tubes and rods are also available. It is commonly used as a lightweight, shatter-proof alternative to glass. Transparent Acrylic sheet is an excellent substitute for traditional glass for many purposes. This versatile type of plastic has numerous applications and it’s also much cheaper than standard glass.

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Acrylic sheet Applications

Acrylic sheet materials are used for the following:

  • POP displays and exhibits
  • Indoor and outdoor Acrylic signs
  • Transparent manifolds
  • Acrylic holders
  • Architectural glazing
  • Automotive rear lamp lens
  • LED diffusing lighting panels
  • Brochure holders
  • Shelves and retail fixtures
  • Acrylic Display Stands

5 Advantages of Transparent Acrylic sheet

Excellent Optical Clarity & Transparency

One of the biggest advantages of using acrylic is that it is extremely transparent, offering excellent light transmission properties. Clear acrylic has a higher level of light transmittance than standard glass: it lets through 92% of available light. Unlike glass, which can have a slight greenish tint with increased thickness, transparent acrylic stays clear with no tinting. This property makes acrylic plastic very popular for plexiglass windows, shower doors, and enclosures. The crystal-like appearance of thicker acrylic sheets also makes it a popular choice for designer products.

Lightweight And Durability

Compared with glass and other plastics, acrylic sheets are exceedingly lightweight. One of the greatest advantages of using acrylic plastic in place of glass is that while it’s more durable, it also weighs 50% less than glass, which makes it ideal for use on large surface areas of buildings, less load is placed on the building’s frame or foundation.

Due to its incredible durability, acrylic can be used over a broad temperature range and has superior weather resistance compared to glass and other forms of plastic. Acrylic is strong – in fact, they are around 17 times stronger than glass which is not easy to break during daily usage such as acrylic mirrors, which are more durable than traditional glass ones.

Easy To Machine and Fabricate

Acrylic plastics have low melting points, making them malleable. Using a high temperature, they can be cut and molded in several shapes. Once these plexiglass sheets cool down, they assume the shape of the mold and can then be drilled, machined, and sawed. Due to its thermoplastic properties, acrylic can take on any shape of your choice.

One big reason why acrylic is so popular with the consumer market is that it is very easy to work with. Regular glass is at a very high risk of breaking when being processed but there’s no problem with acrylic sheets. Plexiglass or clear acrylic offers almost limitless options for processing. You can saw, mill, drill, engrave, glue, polish and bend these sheets With everyday household tools,

Easy to Maintain

When cleaning acrylic that has slight blemishes and dirt it is recommended to use a wet microfiber cloth and blot the material. The gentler you are when cleaning acrylic, the better. Avoid using rough paper towels because they will not remove scratches and may accidentally cause them. When cleaning and maintaining acrylic the easiest and safest measure is to use soapy water or Novus products. These products will keep your acrylic plastic looking polished and new with minimal effort.

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Plexiglas is ideal for applications where safety is a concern, as it is much more difficult to break. It is also 30 times stronger than glass. Under high impact, it will not shatter and if it does break, it fractures into large, dull-edged pieces. This is an important safety feature for applications such as shower doors, plexiglass windows, sliding doors, and enclosures built for hockey rinks and ball fields.


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