Why Use Acrylic Sheets To Build Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material including glass and transparent plastics, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. sunlight passing the roof window makes the interior of a greenhouse warmer than the external temperature, protecting plants in cold weather.

What Type of Plastics Can Be Used in the Greenhouse?

Plastics are not so heavy, easier to construct and cheaper to purchase for a greenhouse. The plastic can trap the heat and moisture which is retained inside the greenhouse as the frame would have. Greenhouse plastics are usually stronger than ordinary plastics. They are designed in such a way that they can resist harsh weather elements without breaking down.

Polycarbonate sheet: it is the most-solid type of greenhouse plastic. It can withstand outdoor weather elements for ten straight years. It is equally good for trapping humidity and heat in cold, winter periods.

Acrylic sheet: Acrylic is a glass-like plastic, a unique material for a greenhouse. It is resistant to heat and snow; it is lightweight and easier to handle during construction. Currently, an acrylic sheet is the best material for building a greenhouse.

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7 benefits to using acrylic sheets for Greenhouse

  • High Light Transmission: The acrylic sheet transmits up to 91% of sunshine into the greenhouse. The exceptional clarity of this product provides the most natural growing conditions and promotes vigorous and vibrant bloom color.
  • Strength: acrylic multi-skin sheets are stronger than other multi-walled glazings. Thicker walls and ribs create a more rigid sheet of greater overall weight designed to provide high live-load carrying capabilities while allowing for greater span distances. high impact acrylic is strong enough to withstand hail impact.
  • Never Yellows: The yellowing of plastics is caused by the sun’s UV rays breaking down the glazing, but acrylic is 100% naturally UV-stable. it will not yellow, become brittle or degrade. Polycarbonate and other plastic covers need a UV barrier or coating to delay yellowing, but must often be replaced after a few years of installation because they have turned yellow.
  • Long lifetime: Acrylic sheets could perform consistently over decades of use in all types of climates throughout the world. Its long service life means less replacement costs when compared to other materials that must be replaced more frequently.
  • Energy Savings: greenhouses using this acrylic sheet require less energy as compared to conventional glazing due to thermal insulation. The lower the U-value, the less energy passes through the material. Depending on ancillary conditions, 16 mm Acrylic multi-skin sheets can lead to over 40% energy savings in greenhouses.
  • Cost saving: The multi-skin acrylic sheet naturally holds heat in, reduces shadows, hot spots and burning which require less initial capital investment in heating systems, lights and curtains, you’ll save on costly maintenance over decades of use.
  • Environmental Protection: acrylic helps contribute to a healthier environment through reduced energy use, reduced emissions, environmentally-sound manufacturing processes, certified facilities and elimination of harmful chemicals. it is recyclable for use in making consumer goods.

What types of acrylic sheets are commonly used for a Greenhouse?

8 mm High Impact Acrylic Twin Walls Sheet

Ideal for achieving high level of privacy without blocking out the light:

  • Clear, 80%
  • Close rib design
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Quick and easy installation

16 mm High Impact Acrylic Three Walls Sheet

  • Clear, Light Transmission 80%
  • Ideal for vertical applications
  • Strong and rigid
  • Triple-wide rib spacing

32 mm High Impact Acrylic Four walls Sheet

  • Clear, 70%
  • Requires fewer supports
  • Insulative values equal to four panes of glass
  • Great strength-to-weight ratio
  • High load-carrying capabilities

3 mm High Impact Corrugated Acrylic sheet

  • Clear, 84%
  • Thin and lightweight

In summary

Acrylic sheet will be the right choice for your greenhouse project. As a leading acrylic sheet manufacturer in China, KUSLA provides high-quality acrylic sheets and cut-to-size service to fit your size needs, contact us for your project if you have any questions.