Comparing Between Acrylic VS PETG | Which is Better

Acrylic and PETG are both common clear plastic materials widely used around the world. they have lots of common use in the same products such as displays and signages. So, selecting right one for your project is a key aspect when you design your product. Today in this Article, you will learn a true comparison of acrylic and PETG, two of the most commonly used plastics in any industry.

What is PETG?

PETG (polyethylene terephthalate) is a highly transparent Thermoplastic polyester that has excellent toughness and chemical resistance. It is able to withstand force and impacts. Not only is it durable, but it is also extremely flexible, light and almost impossible to be broken apart without a deliberate amount of force. One of the main features of this material is that it is easy to thermoform.

Typical Properties Of Acrylic Vs PETG

Specific gravity D7921.191.27
Light transmittance (transparency/clarity)%D10039286
Tensile elongation %D6384.5210
Heat deflection temperature @ 66 psi/264 psi°FD648195157
Maximum continuous service temperature in air°F 160127
Flexural strengthpsiD79017,00011,200
Tensile strengthpsiD63810,0007,700
Tensile modulus of elasticity psiD638400,000320,000
Flexural modulus of elasticity psiD790480,000310,000
Compressive strength(10% Deformation )psiD69517,000/
Izod impact (notched, 73°F)ft-lbs/inD2560.41.7
Coefficient of linear thermal expansionin/in/°Fx10-5D69643.8
Dialectic strengthV/milD149430410
Water absorption (immersion 24 hours)%D5700.20.2

Compare the factors of Acrylic VS PETG

Strength/Impact resistance PETG is 5 to 7 times stronger than acrylic and resists better to impact damage and drops. it will break if dropped.
aestheticHas a slight tint. has a shiny finish and also clearer than PETG.
ColoursCan be coloured depending on costs and production runs.Available in more colours as standard.
CostsAn affordable material, PETG costs greatly depend on the application of the material.When directly compared to PETG, acrylic is slightly more expensive than PETG but also affordable
Workability Cannot be polished, bonding requires proper agents.Easier to bond than PETG with more options.
ScratchesPETG is softer than acrylic and can be scratched easier.Acrylic can be scratched but is more scratch resistant than PETG.
Lifetime / DurabilityPETG is considered difficult to break under normal circumstances. Also remains less brittle for longer than acrylic.Acrylic while flexible can easily be broken with your hands if significant pressure is applied.
CleaningPETG can be cleaned in much the same way as acrylic.  No Alcohol-based cleaners Cleaning with soap and water is advised for both. No Alcohol-based cleaners
FoodFood grade is possible. Manufacturing process needs to be considered.Most acrylics are suitable, productions process and items such as glues must be verified.
EnvironmentalPETG is recyclable and biodegrades. not easy to recycle

Acrylic VS PETG, which is best for application – displays

Materials that are commonly used for sign holders are acrylic and Polyethylene terephthalate glycol, also known as PETG. PETG vs acrylic displays, which one will be most suitable for your application depending on your method of usage, budget, and your objectives for your display project?


In order to evaluate strength, it’s important to consider how accessible the displays are. Acrylic and PETG displays carry different properties and avoiding injury while also ensuring it is durable should be most important. acrylic under impact or if a force is applied, it can shatter or crack and those areas can have sharp edges. when safety and handling is a concern, we recommend using PETG as the substrate.

PETG, on the other hand, is impact resistant and won’t shatter like acrylic. It’s about five times stronger than acrylic, making it suitable to display in areas where customers pass by such as end caps, aisle violators, or header signs. 


When color and clarity are a concern, acrylic is the superior choice over PETG. Acrylic has excellent optical clarity and is a great substitute for glass-like applications. PETG’s clarity carries a blue/green hue.

In terms of variety, acrylic also offers more color-translucent options for backlit graphics like light boxes and holders. Acrylic is available in optically clear to opaque white with a variety of translucent white options in between.

On the other hand, PETG color options are more limited, and are generally only available in clear gloss or clear matte finishes.


Comparing the cost of both acrylic and PETG can be difficult as they have a similar price in the market. But vary according to different grade materials. So, this will be depending on the materials, process method of your displays according to the design the environment they are used in.


Ultimately, the best material depends entirely on the application. If you need a scratch-resistant display for use in retail aisles, acrylic is your choice. If you need a durable display for a checkout counter, PETG is more likely to last for long-term usage. Need help picking between these two materials for your in-store displays? Contact us to speak to our experienced team, we have more than 10 years of experience in acrylic sheet, PETG sheet and also acrylic fabrication such as retail displays