Laser Cut Acrylic, A Comprehensive guide

Acrylic is a material known for its glossy finish, transparency, and vibrant colors. It’s used in various high-demand products. Acrylic sheets,acrylic tubes, acrylic rods are readily available, but to create specific shapes, plastic cutting is necessary. Laser cutting stands out as the preferred method due to its precision and refined results, enhancing the final product’s aesthetics. However, before attempting laser cutting on acrylic, it’s important to know the necessary knowledge and skills. To help you with this, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on laser cutting acrylic.

Laser Cut Acrylic & Acrylic Cutting

How does laser cut acrylic work?

Laser engraving and cutting involve directing intense laser beams at the material, rapidly heating it. The material transitions from solid to gas, depending on its boiling point. Acrylic, with a low boiling point of 200°C, transforms directly into gas when heated rapidly. Laser cutters efficiently raise acrylic’s temperature, causing surface material to evaporate, leaving engraved marks or cavities. Laser machines can also cut acrylic by penetrating the sheet with suitable power and speed, shaping it quickly.

However, successful acrylic laser cutting or engraving depends on factors like laser type, acrylic type, and color. For instance, blue lasers can’t cut blue acrylic due to color reflection, necessitating a CO2 laser cutter. CO2 lasers emit infrared beams that acrylic of any color can absorb. Laser power is also plays a key factor in achieving efficient acrylic cutting and saving time.

Advantages of Laser Cutting Acrylic

  • Speed and Productivity: Laser cutting acrylic is fast and highly productive. It allows for efficient and rapid cutting, increasing project throughput and business turnover.
  • Flexibility: Laser cutting machines are versatile and can be used for various applications, from individual batches to mass production. They can handle both small and large workpieces, making them suitable for a wide range of projects.
  • Safety: Laser cutting is safer than conventional methods. Proper safety measures and understanding the process are essential, but modern laser machines require minimal human intervention, reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Precision: Advanced laser cutting machines offer maximum cutting precision. Some have cameras to detect registration marks, ensuring accuracy even with template rotation, expansion, or distortion. The result is sharp, fray-free edges.
  • Convenience and Efficiency: Laser cutting provides reliable, high-performance, and speedy results. Most cutting parameters are computerized, enhancing precision and reducing manual labor. Laser machines are also durable, delivering a quick return on investment.

Types of machines for Acrylic Laser Cutting

Laser cutting technology is gaining popularity, leading to various machine options. Consider these key factors when selecting an acrylic laser cutting machine:

CNC Laser Cutting Machine

These machines use a laser to engrave and cut both metals and non-metals with computer numerical control (CNC). They offer precise control and are used in industries like advertising, education, and manufacturing. Brands like Epilog, Rayjet, and Jinan Firm CNC are reputable choices.

Laser Diode for Cutting Acrylic

Laser diodes are essential components in acrylic cutting machines. They are suitable for cutting acrylic of certain thicknesses. However, be aware that diodes with wavelengths in the NIR or VIS range may not cut clear acrylic effectively, while they work well with dark acrylic materials.

DIY Laser Cutter

If you’re a small-scale producer, artist, or student, a DIY laser cutter is a flexible option. It allows for learning and customization. These machines are easy to assemble and user-friendly, making them suitable for various applications.

select the right Acrylic to Laser Cut

Acrylic sheets are primarily classified into two types: Cast Acrylic and Extruded Acrylic. Cast acrylic is formed by pouring molten acrylic into molds, determining their shape, size, and thickness. In contrast, Extruded acrylic is produced by pressing hot acrylic sheets between rollers to achieve the desired thickness, making it more cost-effective due to continuous production. Both types share a chemical composition but differ in their laser cutting compatibility. To ensure the best laser cutting or engraving results, it’s essential to test each type’s suitability. Acrylic also comes in various forms based on color, thickness, mirroring, light diffusion, tint, texture, and radiation blockage, allowing you to choose the right acrylic for your project.

When selecting acrylic for laser cutting, consider color and thickness. A CO2 laser cutter can handle acrylic of any color, while diode lasers are limited to cutting some dark opaque acrylic. Thickness matters too; choose a suitable thickness based on your laser machine’s power. A 20W diode laser can efficiently cut up to 8mm thick acrylic in one pass, while more powerful CO2 lasers can handle most acrylic sheets.

Generally, Casted acrylic is recommended for laser cutting due to its lower risk of cracking, whereas extruded acrylic is more prone to cracking due to post-stressing, making it less suitable for laser treatment. Casted acrylic is the preferred choice for laser cutting projects.

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How to Laser Cut Acrylic step by step?

Step 1: Determine the Right Acrylic

 Before starting, identify the type and brand of acrylic material you want to use. Acrylic comes in two main types, cast and extruded. Knowing which one suits your project is essential. Consider user reviews to select a reliable brand.

Step 2: Choose the Right Acrylic Cutting Machine

Select an appropriate acrylic laser cutter based on factors like your budget and specific requirements. Leasing is an option if buying isn’t feasible. Your choice of machine significantly influences the outcome.

Step 3: Set Up Your Workspace

Create a dedicated workspace for laser cutting. Ensure your working table is well-equipped with the necessary tools and materials. Organize it for easy access during the laser cutting process.

Step 4: Prepare Your Acrylic Sheet

Design the image or pattern you want to cut from the acrylic using compatible software on your computer. Most laser cutters come with suitable software. This step involves creating the digital blueprint of your project.

Step 5: Assemble the Laser Cutting Machine

Before you begin cutting, assemble the laser cutting machine following the detailed user manual that typically comes with it. Most machines require some assembly, but the manuals make the process straightforward.

Step 6: Start Cutting Acrylic

Once your machine is set up and connected to your computer, it’s time to start the cutting process. Position your acrylic material correctly in the machine, making any necessary adjustments. Ensure all machine components are in working order.

Step 7: Cutting Process

Acrylic is cut through vaporization. The laser heats the material, causing it to change from a solid to a liquid and then vapor. This process maintains the product’s quality. Ensure you have a strong vacuum system to handle excessive vapor, and never leave the laser system unattended during cutting due to flammable vapor.

Step 8: Finishing

After the cutting process, evaluate the results to ensure they meet your expectations. Depending on your project, you may need to perform additional finishing operations to achieve the desired appearance and quality. This could involve creating a glossy, smooth finish on the cut surface, which varies based on factors like color preference.

Common Applications of laser cutting acrylic

Acrylic Earrings

Laser cutting acrylic opens up a world of creative possibilities, including crafting distinct and stylish earrings and jewelry. Its glossy surface enhances the attractiveness of these pieces, with its ability to diffuse and reflect light. You can customize designs for various occasions like Christmas, Halloween, and more. You have the freedom to create unique designs or personalize your earrings. Simply attach earring hoops and hooks to complete the process.

Acrylic Signs

The demand for laser-cut acrylic signs is on the rise, with applications in offices, buildings, and homes. These signs serve branding, business signage, symbols, nameplates, and more. The flexibility of your acrylic laser cutter’s working area allows you to craft an array of designs, from door signs to LED wall signs and table signs.

Acrylic Awards & Trophies

Acrylic finds a common and preferred use in crafting awards, often seen at conferences and events. These awards typically feature acrylic as the main component, meticulously cut and engraved with a laser machine. Schools, offices, corporate events, and businesses highly value these awards. Creating them is straightforward, involving the cutting and engraving of acrylic. You can even fashion the award’s base using acrylic, wood, or other materials. Pre-made awards are also available for customization.

Acrylic Keychains

Personalized keychains made from acrylic sheets are a popular and cost-effective idea with an excellent profit margin. You can cut keychains into desired shapes and engrave names, logos, photos, dates, or designs. Pre-made keychains are also readily available in the market for engraving.

Acrylic Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are a seasonal best-seller, used for home and tree decoration. A laser cutter and acrylic sheets enable you to add a personal touch to your holiday decor. A wide variety of designs for different occasions, such as Halloween and Christmas, can be created. These ornaments are sought after by online shoppers.

Acrylic Invitations

For a distinctive wedding invitation, consider laser-cut acrylic invitations that exude elegance. Cutting the invitation into your desired shape and engraving it adds a personal touch. Foil writing on transparent acrylic elevates the appeal. Clients often order multiple pieces for distribution, making this a profitable venture.

Acrylic LED Lamps

Craft eye-catching LED lamps using acrylic, a beautiful addition to any home. LED lamp blanks are readily available, and you can cut and engrave acrylic to create captivating designs. Personalized lamps with names or special designs are ideal for couples, families, and various events like Christmas, Halloween, weddings, and housewarming parties. These lamps find a place in bedrooms, living rooms, and are also popular as gifts.

Alternative to Cut Acrylic

when it comes to cutting acrylic, laser cutters offer precision and finesse, but there are alternative tools and methods available for the task. Here are some options:

  • CNC Mills: Utilizing a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) mill is an effective way to cut thick acrylic sheets into nearly any desired profile. CNC mills are known for their accuracy and ability to handle the rigidity of acrylic material, making them a reliable choice.
  • Table Saw: A table saw, when equipped with the appropriate blade, can be used to cut acrylic. It’s crucial to use a blade designed for cutting acrylic, which typically features more teeth than standard wood-cutting blades. This ensures cleaner cuts and reduces the risk of chipping or melting the acrylic.
  • Box Cutter: Acrylic’s inherent brittleness allows for another cutting method resembling glass cutting. With a sharp blade, you can score the acrylic along the intended cutting line. Subsequently, the scored acrylic can be snapped apart along the score line, resulting in a clean break.
  • Waterjet Cutting: For intricate cuts in thick acrylic, waterjet cutting presents a viable option. This method utilizes a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive particles to precisely cut through the acrylic. Waterjet cutting is particularly useful for complex shapes and thicker acrylic sheets, ensuring accuracy and minimal material waste.

FAQs about Laser Cutting Acrylic

How thick can a laser cutter cut acrylic?

The thickness a laser cutter can handle when cutting acrylic depends on its optical power. A diode laser, such as the laser cutter with 40W optical power, can cut up to 15mm thick black acrylic in one pass. For thicker cuts and versatility with various acrylic colors, CO2 laser cutting machines are more suitable. It can cut up to 20mm thick acrylic in a single pass.

Is Acrylic Easy to Laser Cut?

Yes, Laser cutting acrylic, especially with a CO2 laser cutter, is relatively straightforward, delivering precise cuts and engravings with ease. Nevertheless, achieving optimal results involves considering factors like the laser type, acrylic type, color, and thickness.

Is All Acrylic Ok to Laser Cut?

Not really, most acrylic types are suitable for laser cutting, but specific factors like color and type can influence the process. For instance, blue lasers cannot cut blue or clear acrylic. Testing the acrylic, you intend to use ensures compatibility with your laser cutter and attaining the desired outcomes.

How to Laser Cut Clear Acrylic?

To cut clear acrylic effectively, you require a laser emitting infrared beams that the transparent material can absorb. A CO2 laser cutter, emitting light at 10,640 nm (infrared), is an ideal choice. It can cut clear acrylic sheets with a glossy, flame-polished edge, eliminating the need for additional post-processing. Conversely, a diode laser won’t work with clear acrylic as its light passes through it without altering it.

Why is acrylic good for laser cutting?

Acrylic is favored for laser cutting due to its safety and laser compatibility. Unlike many other plastics are banned from laser cutting, acrylic is safe for laser cutting and comes in a wide array of colors and transparency levels, making it a versatile material for various applications.


You’ve explored various aspects of laser-cut acrylic, recognizing its fantastic capabilities for precision in cutting complex shapes. This guide comprehensively covers all critical aspects of acrylic laser cutting technology, making it an efficient, speedy, convenient, and high-quality choice for your cutting needs.Kusla provide advanced laser cutting acrylic service and CNC cutting acrylic , contact us if need a acrylic cutting project .

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