Clear Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Clear Soid Polycarbonate sheets are tough, durable thermoplastic sheets that provide excellent impact and heat resistance. Available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, Colores. It’s usually chosen over other forms of plastic sheeting because of its strength and resistance to impact.

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Property of clear solid Polycarbonate Sheet

  • The light transmittance of the Clear Polycarbonate Sheet can reach 90%.
  • Its impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass.
  • Our Polycarbonate sheet have one side with anti-ultraviolet coating, while the other side has anti-condensation treatment, combining insulation, anti-drip, and anti-condensation functions.
  • It can be installed in an arch shape, semi-circular shape, and windows using a cold bending method.
  • Its sound insulation is 3-4 dB higher than glass. It won’t become brittle at -100°C and won’t soften at 120°C.

clear solid Polycarbonate Sheet sizes and prices

In stockThicknessTypeWidth  X Length PricesMOQ
2mmFlat sheet1220mm X 2440mm(48″ x 96″)$10 – $20No
3mmFlat sheet1220mm X 2440mm(48″ x 96″)$14- $28No
4mmFlat sheet1220mm X 2440mm(48″ x 96″)$20 – $40No
5mmFlat sheet1220mm X 2440mm(48″ x 96″)$24 – $48No
6mmFlat sheet1220mm X 2440mm(48″ x 96″)$31 – $62No
8mmFlat sheet1220mm X 2440mm(48″ x 96″)$43 – $86No
10mmFlat sheet1220mm X 2440mm(48″ x 96″)$54 – $108No
1.5mmRoll Sheet1220mm X 1000mm$2 – $4No
2mmRoll Sheet1220mm X 1000mm$3 – $6No
3mmRoll Sheet1220mm X 1000mm$4 – $8No
4mmRoll Sheet1220mm X 1000mm$7 – $14No
Custom0.2mm to 50mm Customed Size  Contact us
Polycarbonate sheet thickness tolerances are +/- 10% and can vary throughout the sheet, but variations are typically less than 5%. 

Why Choose KUSLA Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Machining polycarbonate sheet Service

Cutting polycarbonate sheet

We provide cut to size service to cut polycarbonate sheet to be any shape and any size according to your drawing.

Bending Polycarbonate sheet

we provide Plycarbonate sheet bending service both in hot and cold bending according to your needs.

Application of Clear Soid Polycarbonate sheet

Clear Soid Polycarbonate sheet are utilized for applications such as safety glazing, protective shields, machine guards, greenhouse panels, skylights, and even in DIY projects due to their lightweight nature and easy workability.

Clear Soid Polycarbonate sheet Installation Steps:

  1. Step 1: Based on the size of the canopy, design the frame and place the sheet properly. Reserve expansion joints according to the thickness of the sheet.
  2. Step 2: Apply neutral structural adhesive or glass adhesive at the sheet’s joint areas.
  3. Step 3: Place an aluminum alloy pressing strip over the sheet’s joint areas and secure it to the frame using self-tapping screws to lock the sheet in place.

Other Polycarbonate sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

clear polycarbonate sheet is cost-effective and perfect for a wide range of application including crafts, window replacements, photo framing, glazing, design, structural applications, and formed or fabricated components.

polycarbonate sheets is  not scratch resistant and denting or scratching on the surface is possible if extra caution and care are not taken.

Clear Polycarbonate sheet has over 200 times the strength of glass but being half the weight. It’s virtually unbreakable.

Yes, clear polycarbonate sheet has excellent heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures. It has a melting point of around 155 degrees Celsius (311 degrees Fahrenheit), which is higher than that of standard glass.

Yes, clear polycarbonate sheet is UV resistant. Clear polycarbonate sheet is coated with a UV-resistant layer that helps block out the majority of UV rays, preventing them from passing through the sheet. This UV resistance feature is especially important for outdoor applications where prolonged exposure to sunlight is expected.

Yes, clear polycarbonate sheet can be used outdoors. In fact, it is a popular choice for outdoor applications due to its durability and weather resistance.

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