Frosted polycarbonate diffuser sheet

A polycarbonate diffuser sheet is a translucent material made from polycarbonate with light diffusing properties. It spreads light evenly, reduces glare and commonly used to cover LED lights, DIY lights, office lamps, kitchen lights, and fluorescent lights.

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Types of polycarbonate diffuser sheets

Single Side frosted polycarbonate diffuser sheet

Double Side frosted polycarbonate diffuser sheet

Double Side Smooth polycarbonate diffuser sheet

polycarbonate diffuser film

Frosted polycarbonate diffuser sheet sizes and prices

In StockThicknessTypeSizelight transmittancePrices
3mmDouble Side smooth1220mmX2440mm60%$25 – $50
4mmDouble Side smooth1220mmX2440mm55%$$35 -$70
5mmDouble Side smooth1220mmX2440mm50%$40 – $80
CustomFrom 0.5mm to 10mmDouble Side smoothCustomed and Cut to size30% to 70%Contact us
From 0.5mm to 10mmDouble Side FrostedCustomed and Cut to size70% to 80%
From 0.5mm to 10mmSingle Side FrostedCustomed and Cut to size80% to 90%

Optic Property of polycarbonate diffuser sheet

PropertyTest MethodThicknessValue
HazeASTM D10033mm<0.8%
light transmittanceASTM D10033mm89%
refractive indexASTM D542N/A1.586

Key Feature of polycarbonate diffuser sheet

  • both Frosted and smooth option
  • Light diffusion
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Glare reduction
  • High impact resistance
  • Flame resistant
  • Machining service available

How dose polycarbonate diffuser sheet work

The diffusion sheet uses nanoscale micro-bead diffusers and polycarbonate with varied refractive indices. As light travels through these materials, it refracts, reflects, and scatters, changing its direction. This disperses the light uniformly, turning point sources into broader line or surface illuminations. The result is softer, even lighting that meets specific haze and transmittance needs while also ensuring clarity and reduced light loss, offering superior concealment of the light source.

Applications of polycarbonate diffuser sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

A polycarbonate diffuser sheet is a translucent material made from polycarbonate with light-scattering properties. It spreads light evenly, reduces glare, is commonly used to cover LED lights, DIY lights, office lamps, kitchen lights, and fluorescent lights.

PMMA Acrylic Sheet softens around 70 degrees Celsius, while the polycarbonate sheet does so at 120 degrees, making the polycarbonate sheeet more heat-resistant and versatile for various applications. Despite having similar thicknesses, the polycarbonate diffuser sheet have an impact strength 30-50 times greater than the PMMA Acrylic Sheet.

Yes, many polycarbonate diffuser sheets are treated to be UV resistant, ensuring they don’t degrade rapidly when exposed to sunlight. However, always check product specifications to confirm UV resistance for specific sheets.

Wiht excellent diffusion of LED hot spots, and offer impact resistance along with good heat resistance,Polycarbonate sheets offers additional benefits including flexibility and formability.

A light diffuser disperses light output, minimizing sharp shadows and equalizing lighting effects. It produces a consistent, gentle illumination on subjects, similar to the effect of a lampshade.

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