Mirrored Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate mirror sheeting is an ideal choice if you need a mirrored surface with high heat resistance, impact strength. it is more safe than glass becasue no breaking. it can be cut and bending as your need.

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Types of Polycarbonate mirror sheet

Single side mirror with backside glue

One side is a mirror, and the other side is adhesive. Peel off the white release paper to stick; the mirror side has a transparent protective film, which needs to be peeled off before use.

Double side mirror

Both sides of the double-sided mirror are mirrors, each with a protective film. The front has a white protective film, and the back has a blue protective film. Peel off the protective film to reveal the mirror effect when using.

Single side mirror with Sticker

One side is a mirror with a protective film, and the other side is a sticker that cannot be peeled off because the sticker is adhered to the board.

mirrorrd Polycarbonate sheet sizes and prices

In stockThicknessSizeTypeprices
0.11mm210mmX297mmSingle side mirror with backside glue$0.7-$1.4
0.11mm1000mmX1000mmSingle side mirror with backside glue$3 – $5
0.11mm1000mmX1000mmDouble side mirror$3 – $5
0.2mm210mmX297mmSingle side mirror with backside glue$0.9 -$1.8
0.2mm1000mmX1000mmSingle side mirror with backside glue$3.5 – $7
0.2mm1000mmX1000mmDouble side mirror$3.5 – $5
0.25mm210mmX297mmSingle side mirror with backside glue$1.0 -$2.0
0.25mm210mmX297mmDouble side mirror$1.0 -$2.0
0.5mm210mmX297mmSingle side mirror with backside glue$1.2 -$2.5
0.5mm210mmX297mmDouble side mirror$1.2 -$2.5
0.5mm210mmX297mmSingle side mirror with Sticker$1.2 -$2.5
1mm210mmX297mmSingle side mirror with backside glue$1.6 -$3.2
1mm210mmX297mmDouble side mirror$1.6 -$3.2
1mm210mmX297mmSingle side mirror with Sticker$1.6 -$3.2
Custom0.11mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm,
0.3mm, 0.7mm, 1mm, 1.5mm
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Tips for using Polycarbonate mirror sheet

  • Thickness of 0.11-0.25mm is softer, easily cut into different shapes, but deformation is severe, making it unsuitable for telescopes or kaleidoscopes. For better imaging, choose thickness of 0.5mm or above.
  • Thickness of 1-1.5mm is harder, cutting is challenging, can be cut with a utility knife, suitable for kaleidoscope lenses and telescope lenses.

Applications of Mirrored Polycarbonate Sheet

Stage decoration, home decoration, luggage and gift embellishment, children’s handcraft experiments, reflective elements, toys, cosmetic mirrors, and so on.

FAQs about Mirrored Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheet is normally used to replace glass mirror. Mirrored Polycarbonate sheet is specially formulated for high impact applications such as to gym, sports,campers and boats to avoid breaking and keep safe.

A table comparing mirrored polycarbonate sheet to traditional glass mirrors:

ComparisonMirrored Polycarbonate SheetTraditional Glass Mirror
SafetyShatterproof and safeBreakable and poses injury risk
Impact resistanceHighly resistant to impactsProne to breakage and damage
FlexibilityCan be easily bent, curved, or shapedRigid and difficult to modify
Weather resistanceResistant to weathering, UV rays, and moistureSusceptible to degradation and discoloration
Cost-effectivenessMore affordableMore expensive
Thermal insulationBetter insulation propertiesLimited insulation capabilities
VersatilityAvailable in various sizes, thicknesses, and finishesLimited customization options
InstallationEasy to install due to lightweightHeavy and more challenging to install
Scratch resistanceResistant to scratchesProne to scratches
Breakage resistanceLess likely to break or chipFragile and prone to breakage
Transportation risksLow risk of damage during transportationHigher risk of damage during transportation
ApplicationsWide range of applications, including decorative accents, safety mirrors, retail displays, signage, etc.Commonly used in residential and commercial settings
Fire resistanceGood fire resistanceStandard fire resistance
Environmental impactRecyclable materialNon-recyclable material

Yes, mirrored polycarbonate sheet provides UV protection.

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