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Polycarbonate Film

Polycarbonate film usually with a thickness ≤0.25mm. It is a non-toxic, highly transparent colorless plastic film with excellent mechanical properties.

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types of Polycarbonate Film

General-purpose Polycarbonate film

General-purpose film has high strength, high toughness and wear resistance characteristics, mainly used in the production of auto parts, electronic device shell, building materials, aerospace materials and so on.

Optical-grade Polycarbonate Film

Optical-grade Polycarbonate Film is a film with high transparency and excellent physical properties. Its manufacturing process and performance requirements are very high, mainly used for the preparation of high-quality optical components and optical equipment, such as electronic display screens, window panels, optical lenses and so on.

flame retardant Polycarbonate Film

This kind of film has good thermal insulation and flame retardant performance, mainly used in new energy batteries, electronic and electrical insulation parts manufacturing such as: disk drive insulation, keyboard insulation, TV insulation, display insulation, motherboard insulation, etc.

Optical-grade Polycarbonate Film specifications

Tickness available: 0.05mm, 0.075mm, 0.1mm.
Size: Custom
MOQ: 350 Square meter
Packaging: in Rolls

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Advantages of polycarbonate film

High Transparency

Polycarbonate film’s light transmittance is over 90%. it is a good choice for many applications such as optical components, displays, and more.

High Strength and Toughness

Polycarbonate film can withstand pressure and impact. it is a good choice for applications in the transportation and packaging fields such as transport boxes, packaging bags, etc.

Barrier Performance

Polycarbonate film has good barrier properties, can effectively block oxygen, water vapor and other gases, to protect the quality of internal items. This characteristic makes it widely used in food packaging, medical packaging and other fields to ensure the freshness and safety of food and drugs.

Weather Resistance

Polycarbonate film has good weather resistance, and can be used in a variety of environments. This characteristic makes it widely used in outdoor products, auto parts.

Environmental performance

Polycarbonate film is a recyclable material that meets environmental requirements. This characteristic gives it great advantages in terms of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Processing Diversity

Polycarbonate film has good processing diversity and can be made into various shapes and sizes by various processing methods. This feature enables it to adapt to different needs

FAQs about Polycarbonate film

Polycarbonate is not suitable for blowing and biaxial drawing because of its properties, and its film processing methods are mainly calendering and casting process, especially calendering. Calendering can be carried out on the film polishing, embossing, so that the surface becomes a mirror or with texture, to adapt to different uses. Polycarbonate film can also add various functional ingredients to obtain flame retardant, antistatic, conductive, fluorescent, diffusion and other functions.

Polycarbonate film is widely used for:

  1. display screen, touch panel, button, lens and other components of electronic products.
  2. packaging of food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries.
  3. automotive interior and exterior decoration.
  4. medical devices, medical packaging and artificial organs.

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