Twin wall and Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Twin wall sheets and multiwall sheets are hollow polycarbonate panels. they are lightweight, tough, and durable which provide architects, commercial builders, and DIYers with unlimited applications as a translucent building materials. An alternative to glass, polycarbonate multiwall sheets are lighter and more affordable, making them ideal for cladding, roofing panels, greenhouse panels, pergolas, skylights, and more.

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Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Specification

Twin wall Policarbonate sheet

Availble in thickness 4mm to 10mm and customed color

Triple wall polycarbonate sheet

Availble in thickness 8mm to 16mm and customed color

Four wall polycarbonate sheet

Availble in thickness 8mm to 20mm and customed color

Honeycomb Polycarbonate Sheet

Availble in thickness 6mm to 16mm and customed color

Grid pattern polycarbonate sheet

Availble in thickness 14mm to 25mm and customed color

Twin wall polycarbonate sheet sizes and prices

In StockThicknessSizeColorPrices(one PCS)
4mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown$12 – $25
6mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown$15 – $30
8mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown$20 – $40
10mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown$25 – $50
Custom1mm to 50mmCut to SizeCustom more colorsContact us

Four wall polycarbonate sheet sizes and prices

In StockThicknessSizeColorPrices(one PCS)
10mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Brown$32 – $65
12mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Brown$35- $70
16mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Brown$50- $90
20mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Brown$55 – $110
Custom1mm to 50mmCut to SizeCustom more colorsContact us

Honeycomb Polycarbonate Sheet sizes and prices

In StockThicknessSizeColorPrices(one PCS)
8mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Brown$32 – $65
10mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Brown$35- $70
12mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Brown$40- $80
16mm2100mmX6000mmClear, Blue, Green, Brown$47 – $94
Custom1mm to 50mmCut to SizeCustom more colorsContact us

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Color Chart

why KUSLA multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

High quality raw material make High light transmittance

With UV resistant coating make longer life span.

High Impact resistance

Applications of multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets comes with a hollow core structure with mid rib channels running through the length of the sheet which could provide superior thermal insulation. The hollow core allows passage of air, thus reducing heat transmission.

Twinwall polycarbonate sheet is a type of multiwall polycarbonate panel that features two walls or layers separated by air pockets. The twinwall structure provides enhanced strength, insulation, and light transmission properties. These sheets are made from high-quality polycarbonate material, known for its durability, impact resistance, and weatherability.

Yes, multiwall polycarbonate sheets are UV resistant. They are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without yellowing, fading, or degrading. This UV resistance is achieved through the incorporation of UV stabilizers during the manufacturing process. These stabilizers act as a protective layer, preventing the harmful effects of UV radiation on the polycarbonate material.

To install Twinwall Polycarbonate sheets, start by measuring and cutting the sheets to fit your structure using a fine-toothed saw. Use compatible aluminum or polycarbonate profiles to connect and seal the sheets together, ensuring they align properly with your structure. Install a U-profile at the top and bottom edges of the sheets to protect them from dust and insects. Ensure the flutes of the sheets are vertical to facilitate water drainage. Secure the sheets to the frame using screws with rubber washers to prevent water leakage, ensuring not to overtighten them. Lastly, seal joints with silicone sealant and provide a slope of at least 5° for adequate water runoff.

Twinwall polycarbonate has two parallel walls, while multiwall polycarbonate has three or more walls or layers, creating additional insulating air chambers. Multiwall offers better level of insulation and is often more rigid due to its increased number of walls. Both are lightweight and provide UV protection.

No, Never step on a multiwall polycarbonate sheet. It’s not designed to bear a person’s weight during installation or cleaning on rooftops. Always use a temporary wooden beam or similar support, anchored by the roof structure, for any roof access needs.

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