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As a plastic machining service supplier, Kusla plastic provide a range of plastic machining methods to meet the needs of your Projects.  Consult with our experts to help you choose the best plastic machining method.

Plastic Cutting Service

plastic CUTTING Service Our Plastic cutting capability Laser cutting Laser cutting systems use a precise, high-energy laser beam controlled by computer numerical control (CNC) to carve intricate designs from plastic sheets or plates. This advanced technology offers different manufacturing capabilities, including cutting, engraving, and marking plastic materials. CNC Cutting CNC cutting of plastic involves automated…
Acrylic bending-Acrylic stand

Plastic Bending Service

Plastic Bending Service Our Plastic Bending capability Acrylic bending Acrylic bending is commonly used in industries like signage, retail, and architecture to create custom components and designs. When you heat acrylic to 160 degrees Celsius, it becomes soft and bends easily, Acrylic’s transparency and flexibility when heated make it ideal for various applications, from curved…

Plastic Thermoforming Service

Plastic Thermoforming Service If you need high-quality plastic parts and products for your business, you may want to consider our plastic thermoforming service. Plastic thermoforming is a process that transforms large, thick plastic sheets into custom-shaped plastic parts and products with various features and benefits. Whether you need prototype fabrication or full production runs, our…

Plastic Injection Molding Service

Plastic Injection Molding Service As a leading China Plastic Fabrication manufacturer, Kusla provides Plastic injection molding services. We have different kinds of injection molding technologies, as well as other plastic fabrication capabilities. Contact Kusla to find out more today! Plastic injection molding Specifications & Capabilities We can custom injection mold your products with our full…

CNC Machining Service

plastic CNC Machining Service Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to produce custom plastic parts and products? If so, you might want to consider our plastic CNC machining services.Whether you need a single plastic prototype or a low-volume production order, we can handle it with our advanced CNC machines and capabilities. We…

Summary of Plastic Machining Methods

 Here is a table that compares our plastic machining methods for you to choose the right machining service from us.

Plastic polish serviceImproves the surface finish and appearance of plastic parts Removes scratches, stains, or defects from plastic parts Enhances the optical clarity and transparency of plastic partsOptical lenses and devices Display screens and panels Decorative items and jewelry
Printing on plastic serviceAdds colors, patterns, logos, or texts to plastic parts Enhances the aesthetic and functional value of plastic parts Allows for customization and personalization of plastic partsSigns and labels Packaging and containers Toys and games
Plastic cutting serviceShapes and forms plastic parts into desired sizes and geometries Allows for complex and intricate shapes and features Low cost and fast methodPlastic sheets, rods, tubes, or profiles Holes, slots, or notches in plastic parts
Plastic bending serviceCreates curves or angles in plastic parts Allows for flexibility and versatility in design Low power consumption and minimal wastePlastic pipes or ducts Plastic covers or enclosures Plastic furniture or fixtures
Plastic extrusion serviceProduces continuous lengths of plastic parts with uniform cross-sections Allows for high volume production at low cost Enables the use of recycled plastic materialsPlastic profiles, tubes, pipes, or rods Plastic films, sheets, or coatings Plastic fibers or filaments
Plastic painting serviceApplies a protective or decorative coating to plastic parts Enhances the corrosion resistance, UV resistance, or chemical resistance of plastic parts Improves the adhesion and durability of the coatingPlastic housings or casings Plastic automotive or aerospace components Plastic toys or models
Plastic thermoforming serviceHeats and molds plastic sheets into three-dimensional shapes Allows for low to medium volume production at low cost Enables the use of different types of plasticsPlastic trays or containers Plastic packaging or blister packs Plastic signs or displays
Plastic bonding serviceJoins two or more plastic parts together Creates a strong and permanent bond between plastic parts Allows for different methods of bonding, such as welding, gluing, or fasteningPlastic assemblies or structures Plastic tanks or vessels Plastic repairs or modifications
Plastic injection molding serviceInjects molten plastic into a mold cavity to create complex shapes Allows for high volume production at high speed and accuracy Enables the use of different types of plastics and additivesPlastic housings or casings Plastic gears or valves Plastic medical devices
Plastic drilling serviceCreates holes in plastic parts using a rotating cutting tool Allows for precise and accurate hole diameters and depths Low power consumption and minimal wasteHoles for screws, bolts, pins, or rivets Holes for wires, cables, or pipes Holes for ventilation or drainage
Plastic CNC machining serviceUses computer-controlled machines to remove material from plastic workpieces Allows for high precision and accuracy in complex shapes and features Enables the use of different types of plastics and toolsPlastic prototypes or molds Plastic custom parts or products Plastic medical devices

Kulsa-A Professional PLASTIC MACHINING SERVICE Manufacturer

  • made from high-quality materials
  • custom length, sizes, colors, shapes, thicknesses, textures, patterns, and more details.
  • certified by ISO9001, SGS, CE, OQC, and more international standards for quality.
  • strict quality control to ensure a less defect.
  • a remarkable process that has an excellent quality but affordable.