Plastic Bonding Services

As a leading China Plastic Fabrication manufacturer, Kusla provides Plastic bonding service. we have bonding metal to plastic, bonding plastic to plastic, bonding plastic to wood, bonding rubber to plastic capabilities, as well as other plastic fabrication capabilities. Contact Kusla to find out more today!

  • High-level plastic bonding services with optical clarity and high precision
  • Bonding polycarbonate sheet, acrylic sheet, ABS sheet and many other plastics
  • One-stop solution, supported by Second fabrication capabilities

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Plastic Bonding Specifications & Capabilities

We can do polyethylene bonding, bonding acrylic, bonding polycarbonate, bonding ABS plastic, bonding HDPE, bonding polypropylene, bonding PVC pipe, bonding PET plastic, etc.

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Plastic Bonding Advantages

  1. The bonding connection can make the best use of the strength of the bonded material
  2. Bonding can improve the fatigue life of the joint
  3. The bonding component effectively reduces the weight
  4. The adhesive joint can be selected according to the use requirements to give the adhesive joint with specific functions
  5. Wide range of applicable materials for bonding
  6. The adhesive joint has strong environmental stress resistance
  7. The bonding process is simple, the production is easy to automate, the production efficiency is high, and the cost is low.

Plastic Bonding Materials

  • Polypropylene Plastic Material

  • PET Plastic Material

  • Nylon Plastic Material

  • HDPE Plastic Material

  • ABS Plastic Material

  • Polycarbonate sheet

    Polycarbonate Plastic Material

  • PVC Plastic Material

  • Acrylic Plastic material

Kusla Plastic Bonding Services

plastic bonding is a handcraft job in most of time. Kusla has highly experienced operators who can do high-level plastic bonding services with optical clarity, such as acrylic boxes, acrylic display cases, acrylic signs, polycarbonate display cases, and many more.

We also can bond different materials to plastics, such as bonding metal to plastic, bonding polycarbonate to metal, gluing leather to plastic, gluing aluminum to plastic.

Application Cases

Plastic Bonding Services FAQ

Plastic bonding is a process method that uses the mechanical bonding force, physical adsorption force and chemical bonding force generated by the adhesive on the connection surface to connect two bonded plastic parts. Bonding is not only suitable for homogeneous materials, but also for heterogeneous materials. such as Bonding Acrylic to Acrylic, Bonding Acrylic to ABS, Bonding Acrylic to Polycarbonate.  

  • First of all, to determine the specific material to be glued.
  • Determine the size of bonding area
  • Determine the requirements after bonding: What specific requirements are thereafter sticking, such as (whether high-temperature resistance, glue color, initial curing time of glue, acid and alkali resistance, etc.).
  • Choose glue: Determine the above requirements, you can choose the glue, if it is a small area of adhesion, generally choose the instant glue type.

if the bonding area is relatively large, an area is more than 10cm, you can choose another polymerization into epoxy resin and modified curing agent (AB glue), do not need to heat curing, if you need to cure fast, you need to heat, in order to speed up the curing speed of glue.

The solvent-based glues and Available matching acrylic glue. This kind of adhesive can be very good to bond acrylic sheet, but also can bond plastic toys, plastic crafts, etc., and the bonding speed is fast, can be cured quickly

There are four main methods for plastic bonding, hot melt method, solvent method, liquor method and adhesive method.

  • The hot melting method uses a certain temperature to heat the surface of the bonded plastic, so that the surface melts repeatedly to obtain fluidity, infiltrate the bonded surface, and achieve bonding by hard curing or chemical reaction curing after cooling. This method is suitable for thermoplastics, such as the bonding of plastic film bags.
  • Solvent method is to drop the corresponding solvent on the adhesive surface. When the solvent infiltrates the surface and becomes soft, then it is closed and a certain pressure is applied. After the solvent volatilization, the adhesive can be cured and realized. This method is suitable for the same kind of thermoplastic, such as plexiglass bonded with chloroform.
  • The liquor method is to directly use the liquor to bond the plastic. This method is not easy to control and the bonding effect is not good. this method is suitable for thermoplastics.
  • The adhesive method is used to bond plastic with adhesive, which can be used for thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic.

UV glue could be used for Transparent plastic sheet bonding such as PVC, PC, PMMA, PET and so on.

Other plastic fabrication capabilities