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Our Plastic cutting capability

Acrylic bending- Acrylic stand

Laser cutting

Laser cutting systems use a precise, high-energy laser beam controlled by computer numerical control (CNC) to carve intricate designs from plastic sheets or plates. This advanced technology offers different manufacturing capabilities, including cutting, engraving, and marking plastic materials.

Polycarbonate bending-Polycarbonate stand

CNC Cutting

CNC cutting of plastic involves automated precision cutting, milling, or carving of plastic materials using computer-controlled machinery. A computer program guides the cutting tool, ensuring exact intricate designs are achieved. This process allows for highly accurate and efficient plastic fabrication across various industries.

Plastic cutting Specification

SpecificationLaser cuttingCNC cutting
Cutting Axis23
Max Cutting SIZE1200mm X 1200mm1200mm X 1200mm
Max Cutting Thickness20mm100mm
Lead Time.3 to 5days3 to 5days
MaterialsAcrylicAcrylic, Polycarbonate, ABS, Nylon, PEEK, PETG

What is plastic cutting?

Plastic cutting refers to the process of precisely shaping or dividing plastic materials using various techniques such as cutting, milling, or engraving. It can be done manually with tools like saws or routers, or through automated processes like CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting, laser cutting, or waterjet cutting. Plastic cutting is essential in manufacturing, crafting, and various industries where accurate and clean cuts are required to create plastic components, parts, or products.

Why Choose KUSLA plastic cutting Service

Accuracy and Repeatability

Precise cutting

One stop fabrication service

Competitive pricing

High quality material

Quick turnaround

Application Cases

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Acrylic bending-Acrylic stand

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FAQS About plastic Cutting Service

The best tool for cutting thin plastic (¼ inches or less) is a utility knife. and for thick plastic , A fine-toothed saw works best for precision cutting.

You can use various tools to cut plastic, depending on your specific needs and the thickness of the plastic. Some common tools for cutting plastic include:

  1. Fine-Toothed Saw: Ideal for precision cutting and smooth edges.
  2. Jigsaw: Great for making curved or intricate cuts in plastic.
  3. Table Saw: Suitable for straight and large cuts in thicker plastic.
  4. Utility Knife: Useful for thinner plastics or making straight cuts.
  5. Hacksaw: Effective for cutting plastic pipes or small sections.
  6. Laser Cutter: Provides precise and clean cuts for intricate designs.
  7. CNC Router: Offers automated and precise cutting for complex shapes.

The Dremel 561 Multi-Purpose cutting bit is ideal for free-hand cutting in softer materials

Yes, an X-Acto knife (or utility knife) can cut plastic, especially when dealing with thinner or more flexible plastic materials. However,please make sure you have a sharp blade for cleaner cuts.