Plastic Hot Stamping Service

As a leading China Plastic Fabrication manufacturer, Kusla provides Plastic Hot stamping service. we have Hot stamping on plastic capabilities, as well as other plastic fabrication capabilities. Contact Kusla to find out more today!

  • High-Quality Hot stamping on plastic services
  • A wide range of Hot stamping plastics
  • One-stop solution, supported by second machining capabilities

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Plastic Hot Stamping Specifications & Capabilities

 Our various transparent plastic printing materials create innovative, unparalleled products for companies looking for streamlined printing solutions. We can do Hot stamping -on-Acrylic, Hot stamping -on- Polycarbonate, Hot stamping -on-ABS, Hot stamping -on-PVC, Hot stamping -on-HDPE, and many more materials.

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Plastic Hot stamping Advantages

  • Hot stamping is also a clean and incredibly effective process.
  • Hot stamping also consistently produces high-quality results 
  • While marking foils are designed to be durable, environmental conditions can cause them to fade over time. 
  • Hot stamping adapts to plastic, glass, metal and wood. The transfer of a metal foil can also be done on a coated object without creating any problem to the coating. 

Plastic Hot stamping Materials

  • Polypropylene Plastic Material

  • PET Plastic Material

  • Nylon Plastic Material

  • HDPE Plastic Material

  • ABS Plastic Material

  • Polycarbonate sheet

    Polycarbonate Plastic Material

  • PVC Plastic Material

  • Acrylic Plastic material

Kusla Plastic Hot Stamping Services

Our custom plastic Hot Stamping services make printing on durable, long-lasting, high-quality base materials an easy process. Whatever signage you need for your company, we can help. Kusla Printing provides large scale Hot Stamping onto an array of plastic materials. we can Hot Stamping on both flat plastic sheets and cylindrical plastic parts and customize the color or combine colors according to your drawing with our unique Hot Stamping on the plastic process.

Application Cases

Plastic Hot stamping Services FAQ

Hot Stamping is to transfer the coating which is pre-coated on the carrier foil film to the decorated product through heating and pressure. The transfer process is divided into three processing techniques, namely, traditional hot stamping, In-Mold-Decoration (IMD) and insert molding (INS). Traditional hot stamping can use the flat hot method or the boiling hot method, these two processes are through the heating hot plate or roller, and the coating is transferred to the molding parts which are installed on the fixture.

Daily necessities: PE hose, PP bottle cap, ABS bottle body, cosmetics, glass coating and other aspects.

Electronic appliances: laptop logo, audio shell, home appliance shell.

Clothing logo and pattern.

Automotive interior logo and hub logo.

Other plastic fabrication capabilities