Water Transfer Printing Service

As a leading China Plastic Fabrication manufacturer, Kusla provides Water transfer printing service. we have Water transfer printing on plastic, Water transfer printing on metal capabilities, as well as other plastic fabrication capabilities. Contact Kusla to find out more today!

  • High-Quality Water transfer printing services
  • A wide range of Water transfer printing plastics
  • One-stop solution, supported by second machining capabilities

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Water transfer printing Specifications & Capabilities

Our various plastic printing materials create innovative, unparalleled products for companies looking for streamlined printing solutions. We can do Water transfer printing on Acrylic, Water transfer printing on Polycarbonate, Water transfer printing on ABS, Water transfer printing on PVC, Water transfer printing on HDPE, and many more materials.

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Water transfer printing Advantages

  • Aesthetics: Can be any natural grain and photos, drawing file transfer on the product, so that the product has the scenery color you want.
  • Be innovative: Water transfer technology can overcome traditional printing and thermal transfer printing, pad printing, screen printing, surface coating can not produce complex modeling and dead corners and other problems.
  • Universality: Suitable for metal, plastic, leather, glass, ceramic, wood and other products surface printing (cloth and paper are not applicable). Because of its beautiful, extensive, innovative, so it has a value-added effect on the processed products.
  • Personalize: Whatever you want, I shape I shape, any pattern you design.
  • Efficiency: No plate, direct drawing, immediate transfer (the whole process only 30 minutes can be completed, the most suitable proofing).
  • Fast to make : Quick prototyping , curved surface printing, personalized color painting and small quantities of more than paper and cloth prints.

Water transfer printing Materials

  • Polypropylene Plastic Material

  • PET Plastic Material

  • Nylon Plastic Material

  • HDPE Plastic Material

  • ABS Plastic Material

  • Polycarbonate sheet

    Polycarbonate Plastic Material

  • PVC Plastic Material

  • Acrylic Plastic material

Kusla Water transfer printing Services

Our custom Water transfer printing services make printing on durable, long-lasting, high-quality base materials an easy process. Kusla Printing provides large scale Water transfer printing onto an array of plastic materials. we can Water transfer printing on both flat plastic sheets and cylindrical plastic parts and customize the color or combine colors according to your drawing with our unique Water transfer printing on the plastic process.

Application Cases

KUSLA Water transfer printing Services FAQ

Water transfer printing: It is a printing process that uses water pressure to hydrolyze the transfer paper/plastic film with color patterns. Including: water mark transfer technology and water coating transfer technology

  • Automotive supplies: instrument panel, control panel, viewing frame, operation handle, lock, etc.
  • Electronic products: telephone, stereo, remote control, mouse, clock, keyboard, camera, hair dryer, etc.
  • Bedroom supplies: sofa, tea table, cabinets, chandelier, ashtray, vase, decoration with utensils, etc.
  • Daily products: luggage decoration, glasses case, pen, racket, hair accessories, makeup pen, makeup case, etc.
  • Indoor building materials, etc

Other plastic fabrication capabilities